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More Tech Tinkerer tailors a solution for property owners to save on water bills Plumber Dave Hogan set up Smart Flow, a water technology business that helps identify leaks and other issues to cut out water waste Emmet Ryan Technology Correspondent@emmetjryan20th September, 2020 The easier option for Dave Hogan would […]

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How accurate is your water cash register ?

Your water meter is a cash register, and without proper metering and accounting of water use,customers and utilities lose money because they are not receiving the correct data. Current Water meters are subject to wear and eventually lose their ability to correctly measure and record flow. There are several factors […]

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New tools to manage your water usage

When I was a plumber I would experience water-wastage on a grand-scale in homes and businesses while working directly with customers.  I would be trying to advise the customers on ways to reduce their consumption and save money. It was a next to impossible task, as they were blind to […]

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