Architects and Specifiers

Design and specify the best water monitoring and leak detection products and services to improve building performance and make an impact on the planet.

Specifying Water Monitoring and Leak Detection Systems in your new builds.

In the US, architects and specifiers are significantly enhancing building performance by incorporating SMART FLOW’s water monitoring and leak detection systems. Here are the key benefits:

In the UK and Europe, architects can align their designs with BREEAM standards, specifically WAT 02 and WAT 03. 

SMART FLOW water monitoring and leak detection is assisting customers earn up to 25 points for their certification:

Closing the Gap with SMART FLOW:

While 95% of commercial buildings have alarms for burglary and fire, water alarms remain underutilized (less than 1.5%). SMART FLOW aims to change this by offering unique value:


SMART FLOW is an all in one solution assisting with

Architects and specifiers are now playing a crucial role in promoting water efficiency and safety. Incorporating water monitoring and leak detection systems aligns with sustainability goals, enhances building performance, and safeguards occupants and assets. SMART FLOW’s innovative approach is rapidly helping to close the water alarm gap, ensuring a more resilient and efficient built environment.

SMART FLOW offers water monitoring solutions to improve sustainability, reduce water costs and protect your assets.

By having real Time water monitoring, you can be guaranteed your clients assets are protected and performing efficiently.


Real-Time web access to water consumption data

As well as providing 24/7 365 monitoring by our trained professionals, you will have real-time web access to water consumption data and trends across your premises, SMART FLOW provides you with an award winning Technology Platform for water cost reduction throughout your property portfolio.

Find out how SMART FLOW protects your assets, reduces your water wastage, helps you reach your ESG targets and makes your life easier

Empower your architecture with real-time water monitoring and leak detection. Stay ahead of costly damage and environmental impact. Ensure efficiency, sustainability, and peace of mind with every drop. Elevate your design, protect your structures, and embrace the future of intelligent infrastructure.