Construction and Mechanical Industry

  • SMART FLOW gives you peace of mind by protecting your building projects against water leak damage
  • Remotely shut off the water supply when an issue is detected
  • Get instant alerts to any water related issues on your property
  • Reduce financial loss and insurance claims due to water damage.
  • Detect faulty appliances on site
  • Give your clients complete piece of mind that all water usage is under  control
  • SMART FLOW plays an important role in ESG and sustainability by reducing your water footprint and carbon emissions
  • Improve GRESB score
  • SMART FLOW can be transferable from site to site as you move from project to project
Find out how SMART FLOW are setting the standard for water management and property protection worldwide.

SMART FLOW protects your
site and reputation

“Did you know 62 % of construction companies experience a major water  leak “

SMART FLOW eliminates leak damage with instant alerts and remote water shut off. 

“You are three times more likely for your property to be damaged by a plumbing leak than a burglary ”

Real-time web access to
water consumption data

SMART FLOW’s water monitoring technology is a 4-in-1 solution, assisting with
◾Property protection from water leaks
◾ ESG and Sustainability, Improving your GRESB score.
◾ Water usage/ cost reduction
◾ Water bill validation

Find out how SMART FLOW can be implemented at design stage, construction phase to handover and end user management.

Prevent costly water leaks on your construction sites

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