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What is a smart water meter?

A smart water meter works in the same way as a traditional water meter in that it monitors the flow of water into your business or building. However smart water meters have many advantages including real time data, wireless technology, smart water analytics, actionable insights and eliminates manual readings. Hospitality or any commercial business can easily track their water usage and costs in real time using these features. In this we will outline a detailed comparison on water loggers, water meters and the difference between utility meters, AMR and the latest AI powered smart water meter.

1. Regular water meter

A water meter is a device that measures the amount of water that travels through a certain spot.

A water meter, for example, can be used to assess usage and compute bills by measuring the quantity of water that enters a property, or a portion of a property, over a certain period of time.

Meters are also commonly used to track energy and gas usage.

Water meter- How does it work?

Water meters functions according to two different principles- rate of flow or volumetric

Rate of flow meters

The flowing water in these systems rotates a propeller whose rotational speed (rpm) is monitored. A specific flow rate correlates to a specific propeller speed. Based on such computation, the propeller speed indicator may be calibrated immediately. The amount of water consumed is displayed using a counting mechanism that totals the number of propeller revolutions. 

Volumetric meters

This kind of meter contains a spinning container with a predefined capacity that is continually immersed in water and later emptied. The number of rotations indicates the quantity of water that passes through the meter. Low flow rates can be measured using volumetric meters.

Types of conventional water meters

For domestic water meters, the rotating impeller kind of meter is typically utilized. Impeller meters are of two different types. The impeller is immersed in the flow of water in one, while the counting mechanism and dial are kept in a dry chamber in the other.The counting mechanism and dial are also embedded in the other type. The fully immersed type gives more accurate readings, but in some cases the dial can get obstructed

Woltmann meters are used to measure greater quantities of water, particularly in industries.

This type of meter consists of a straight pipe wrench with a propeller attached. As the propeller rotates, it transmits the energy through a worm gear.   The Venturi meter is a distinctive sort of metering equipment. It works on the premise that various flow velocities produce varying quantities of suction. The Venturi meter is made up of a constricted pipe. 

2. Water utility companies smart meters (AMR)

Smart meters or AMRs supplied by the water utility companies enable near real-time monitoring of water consumption.Utilities can monitor water usage to gain access to quicker billing information. The technology most of the utility companies use for this is Automated Meter Reading (AMR), the sole purpose is to make the reading of meters easier for the utility company. The main benefits only accrue to the utility company and not the end consumer either domestic or commercial.

Now let’s talk about the AMR vs a smart water meter. Water utilities use automated meter reading as a communication technology to automatically collect water consumption and status data from water meters. AMR systems are classified as either walk-by or drive-by. An endpoint is linked to the encoder register of the meter. These equipment act as a medium for communication between the buyer and the provider. Consumption data are sent immediately from your meter to the supplier, eliminating the need for human meter readings. AMR can only record data on a daily basis with some doing every 30 minutes, which is not smart enough when there are AI powered real time metering technologies available in the market. 

Do you really think utility companies want you to save money? The commercial reality is they  want you to use more water so that they can charge you more. That’s business sense. The higher the usage, the higher profit margin. This is why these water meters supplied by utilities are not beneficial for the end user. The end users which use this technology, assume that the key to real time flow of water consumption and budget for the water usage is in their hands, but the truth is that the key is still in utility companies hands. The responsibility to validate water bills and usage is pushed back to the end user. This still requires time for the client to understand and action the data to make correct decisions. Our research shows that the vast majority of companies where the utility meters are installed neither obtained any cost savings nor became sustainable. 

Considering all these facts, SMART FLOW introduced a revolutionary smart water meter technology which gives all the primary benefits to the end user. This technology is installed in the property and gives the end user real time water monitoring and visibility of water usage. Unlike AMR, SMART FLOW’s technology utilizes Artificial Intelligence so the end user can have total control and insights. It allows any business user total control of their water usage, which can be monitored 24/7 in real time and not manually generated reports. The clients of SMART FLOW have achieved minimum 30% on their water savings and drive their sustainability goals.

3. Smart water metering by SMART FLOW

SMART FLOW empowers clients with full visibility and control to easily reduce their water consumption We provide actionable insights to reduce water by 30%. SMART FLOW is not only the world’s leading water technology company but also a  mechanical company with over 20 years expertise in water related issues. SMART FLOW  blends technical knowledge and mechanical expertise with AI tech to deliver through cost savings and property protection  in real time 24/7.

International Award Winning technology now installed in 1000’s of commercial properties.  The Water Technology has Saved over 500 million litres of water in 2021 which equates to over £1.25 million in annual water savings for our customers. Plus they have reduced the costs of maintenance, water heating, energy costs, manual resources, water damage and leak protection estimated at over £5 million savings for their customers.

SMART FLOW’s mission is to empower our customers to easily manage and reduce their consumption and costs in a sustainable way. To this SMART FLOW will continue to innovate while always raising the bar for customer experience. SMART FLOW have case studies featuring water savings and driving sustainable goals featuring care homes, manufacturing companies, retail and hospitality sectors. 

Pros of using SMART FLOW smart water meter

Water is essential in our daily life. It is a requirement without which we cannot survive.

Considering water is a scarce resource, we must be more mindful and cautious in our consumption. This is also one of the key reasons why smart water meters are becoming more popular. In general, these gadgets help in better water management, allowing you to save more money on water costs.

  • Accurate readings

Smart water meters provide more precise readings than conventional water meters. This implies that if you install a smart water meter, you will only be paid for the quantity of water you really use each month. This is both cost-effective and dependable. 

  • Helps in sustainability and water conservation

Smart water meters make users more aware of how much water they use. These gadgets can also notify you if there are any irregularities in your water usage.They are capable of detecting leaks and alerting you to excessive water consumption. You will be able to call a professional to treat the situation as soon as possible before it worsens. 

  • Money savings

Water conservation means reducing your water consumption. The reduction in water consumption will reflect in bills as well. Using a smart water meter allows you to access your water usage data at any time. Smart water meters help you save money on your water bill by providing you with real-time information on your water usage. 

  • Leak detection

Water leaks can go undiscovered for a long time until you receive a massive water bill.

You can detect spikes in your water consumption as early as possible with the help of smart water meters. 

  • Return on investment in a short period of time

The expense of implementing smart water meters would be more than compensated by savings in leakage control, network administration, and the elimination of the need for alternative water supplies. This favourable return on investment would reduce total expenses paid to water suppliers, resulting in lower water bills and maintenance cost over time. 

Benefits of using smart water meters for companies with diversified portfolio

  • Always-accessible; cloud-based data-storage 
  • Human effort and errors can be reduced
  • Impacts overall energy cost reduction
  • AI based decision making and problem solving
  • Real time data- 24/7 monitoring across all properties
  • Smart water technology generates ROI in a short period of time
  • Compensates the inaccuracies due to aging infrastructure. 
  • Instead of estimates, smart water meters facilitate accurate, flexible billing. 
  • Tool for data-driven forecasting of water usage, strategy, and decision-making 
  • Multiple portfolio visibility in one dashboard 
  • Drives sustainability goals and reduced environmental impact
  • Efficient growth in profit and portfolio management- reduced wastage and expenses
Image for smart water meter
image for smart water meter

To know more about smart water management, visit SMART FLOW website and learn more about the technology.

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