Live, Real-time Proactive
Water Monitoring with
Human Intervention

Empowering businesses to easily solve their water problems.

Our end-to-end water monitoring solution is easily integrated into any sector.

SMART FLOW offers  water monitoring software (with no up-front costs or additional hardware) for greater control of your water and energy costs.

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Smart water solutions in action

SMART FLOW technology monitors and analyses all water consumption in real-time 24×7. SMART FLOW can be utilized across multiple industries and sectors. 

Our mission is to empower all end users and utility companies to easily manage and reduce their water consumption / CO2  and costs in a sustainable way.


AI Fingerprinting

Real Human Monitoring

24/7 protection​

The SMART FLOW software algorithms immediately begin to learn the water flow specific to each business type, collecting data to give you insights into how much water is being consumed and wasted.  

When the SMART FLOW software detects abnormal high water usage patterns, it will instantly alerts the end user. The trained SMART FLOW monitoring team are on hand 24/7 to provide peace of mind while ensuring accuracy and reporting. Along with providing insights into sustainable water reductions. 

Once the SMART FLOW software learns your properties water footprint, it will then alert the end users to the severity of all water related issues. This also provides the ability to shut the water off remotely if an issue is detected. (Only available with the SMART FLOW Sub meter option)

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