Water leaks:

The Hidden Danger for Commercial Properties

Water leaks:
The Hidden Danger for Commercial Properties

Water Leaks in Commercial Properties

Picture this: you walk into your commercial property one morning only to find it flooded, ceilings sagging, and valuable equipment damaged beyond repair. The culprit? A relentless water leak. The consequences of water leaks in commercial properties can be dire, causing extensive damage, skyrocketing costs, and disrupting your operations. In this blog, we will uncover the alarming realities of water leaks in commercial buildings, shedding light on the potential risks that can scare any property owner/manager.

By Dave Hogan




Rijo Raju


5 minute read

13 July 2023

Water Leak Reality Check: Important Facts to Consider

Water leaks in commercial properties hold hidden dangers that can send chills down any property owner’s spine. Brace yourself for these alarming facts that will make you think twice about the severity of water leaks:

Let’s explore some eye-opening facts about the significance of water monitoring in different industries:


Water Leaks Prevention: Stay Ahead with Proactive Measures

Nobody wants to experience the havoc caused by water leaks in their commercial property. As a property owner, it’s essential to take proactive steps to protect your premises from the looming threat of water leaks. 

Consider this unsettling fact: you are three times more vulnerable to a water leak than you are to a burglary. This highlights the urgent need to prioritize water leak prevention and mitigation. By taking proactive measures, you can minimize the risks and potential damages associated with water leaks.

Since nobody wants to experience the damaging effects of a water leak in their commercial property, it is crucial for property owners to be proactive in protecting their premises. By taking proactive action, you can minimize the risks and potential damages associated with water leaks. 

Here’s why it’s important to be proactive:

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SMART FLOW, an intelligent water monitoring company, empowers commercial property owners to take control of their water monitoring and prevent water damage through innovative solutions. With real-time monitoring of water data backed by 24/7 human support, SMART FLOW ensures comprehensive and reliable monitoring for commercial properties.

SMART FLOW offers three distinct solutions to detect water leaks, appliance failure, excessive usage, and human error in commercial assets:

Did you know that SMART FLOW can monitor all your assets without requiring supply and installation, instantly detecting water leaks across your portfolio?

The software-only option offered by SMART FLOW brings several interesting benefits when it comes to detecting water leaks:

SMART FLOW can transform your raw water data into actionable insights as cost-effective and efficiently as possible through water monitoring 24/7.

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