London, United Kingdom: SMART FLOW today announced that they officially saved in excess of 500 million litres of water for their UK and Irish customers in 2021. The cost savings in financial terms is in excess of £1.25 million per annum, and also positively impacted their water sustainable goals. 

Water cost savings image showing the impact of water leaks.
SMART FLOW saves water

SMART FLOW saves water as our water technology is solving the hidden cost of water related issues for their clients , working across industries such as hospitality, retail, public bodies, care homes and many other commercial businesses and office blocks. Almost all businesses in these sectors have the same fundamental core issues -reducing water costs, improving water sustainability, water management and property protection.

Water supply and cost is now a major concern in most industries 

A number of Water Intelligence reports shows that commercial water prices around the world have doubled, on average, over the past decade. These rising costs have compelled a broad range of industries to invest in water efficiency and conservation. The hospitality industry in particular is impacted by these rising costs leading them to improve their usage of water and comply with ESG regulation to promote water conservation.

Many UK companies are now taking what they describe as a ‘4R’ approach to water management in their own facilities: reduce, reuse, recycle and reclaim. While others are cutting dependency on pumped water by adopting rainwater harvesting, or returning water to the environment or other users after treatment, as required. According to a report from CDP (a non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure platform), the cost of water risks to UK business could be over five times greater than the cost of taking action now to address those risks relating to rising water costs.

In fact research from Barclay’s suggests that water risk should be the leading ESG issue for investors across a broad range of sectors. In the future a combination of tougher regulation and consumer demand will bring more attention to water, driving investors to ask more questions about the proactive investments companies could make in response to improving water sustainability.

Dave Hogan the CEO of SMART FLOW notes that “ we are seeing increased concerns within the UK business sector about the rising cost of water and energy, while we have saved our customer over 500Million litres of water, our own internal research shows that there are trillions of litres of water literally been flushed down the drain with in commercial businesses every year due to water leaks, aging building, human error and appliance failures. SMART FLOW saves water and reduces water bills as our technology is now empowering companies to take total control of all their water usage and water costs. He further adds that “Our business has grown over 200% this year alone due to the fact we are saving our customers in excess of 30% on their water bills and we are excited by some of the top UK companies using SMART FLOW”

About the company

SMART FLOW is fast becoming the world’s leading water technology company with over 20 years expertise in water and mechanical related issues. SMART FLOW  blends technical hardware with software and mechanical expertise alongside AI tech to deliver verifiable water cost savings and property protection in real time 24/7. SMART FLOW has been designed to actively monitor the flow of water in real-time into any commercial premises. Using sophisticated algorithms, SMART FLOW will instantly notify the business of any water related issues such as water leaks, human error, appliance failure and excessive water usage. This allows any company or business to easily manage and reduce their water costs.