The economic impact of water waste

The economic impact of water waste in commercial premises such as hospitality, restaurants and hotels now runs into millions of pounds. In 2020 Smart Flow has saved 27.5 million litres of water for its customers. The water technology in the SMART FLOW hub helps customers to remotely monitor water within a building and detect excessive usage and leaks through a smart-detection system

SMART FLOW is a Dublin-based water technology company, monitoring water usage and leaks for its customers in the UK and Ireland. A recent audit by the company found that it had saved its customers approximately €620,000 in water charges by preventing 27.5 million litres of water loss through leaks in 2020 alone. Smart Flow potentially saved its clients many multiples of this figure through the prevention of property damage.

Smart Flow provides water as a service, providing peace of mind with property protection from plumbing leaks, along with providing a quantifiable ROI for their clients who pay for water. With instant alerts and notifications to excessive usage and leaks, this drastically reduces water consumption.

Founded and created by Dave Hogan in his garden shed in 2017, Smart Flow has grown significantly over the years and built up a suite of major clients in the UK and Ireland, with the likes of Starbucks, The Chawke Group and a number of other large corporate clients currently using the company’s technology to greater manage their water consumption.

Smart Flow recently received a top international accolade in its field, with the Water Tech Council awarding it top prize in its annual innovation competition.

The Water Council’s Tech Challenge sees companies with a freshwater technology product vet their concept with industry professionals from leading corporations. In winning, Smart Flow secured a cash prize as well as key interest from industry giants such as Badger Meter, Zurn Industries and A.O.S. Smith.

Dave Hogan, founder of Smart Flow said: “Smart Flow provides real-time time data and action on water usage. Companies can now understand their water usage and way to reduce their costs. We provide a quantifiable ROI, with our case studies showing that we can save companies 30% to 80% on their water waste and water bills. This is a big attraction to companies who are looking to save money and water. We are also seeing a big demand for Smart Flow in the smart home sector.

“Having recently gained international recognition for our water solution, 2020 is truly turning out to be an amazing year for a company as young as Smart Flow, even with all of the challenges we are all currently facing. The support of the Water Tech Council is a great badge of honour, helping us to generate interest from investors like Badger Meter, Zurn Industries and A.O.S. Smith.”

Smart Flow is currently in the process of its next funding round, with plans to capture a much larger market and expand its team to meet the growing demand across various industries, including hospitality, client services and more. It also plans to launch in multiple European locations.