Why SMART FLOW and why now ?

Would you allow your business to go unprotected without a monitored burglar alarm?  

Did you know that your property is three times more likely to be damaged by a plumbing leak than by burglary?

Why would you invest in a monitored water leak detection system which would help protect your business against plumbing leaks ? According to the Association of British Insurers,2018 was the worst year on record for the escape of water ,with UK insurers paying out £8million per day to cover the costs of damage from pluming leaks.

Depending on outdated technology (such as many BMS systems, hidden pipes and manual checks of water meters) often allows for leaks to go undetected until it is too late and the damage is done.  

It is not just an old building that is prone to leaks. We have seen first-hand the damage caused to new build or renovated properties where incorrect fittings had blown off overnight, or pipes became damaged via screws or drills. With current pressurised systems, the damage is usually catastrophic.

With current light commercial businesses the pressurised plumbing systems can easily supply a building’s pipework with 50 litres of water per minute, a leak for ten minutes will allow 500 litres into your property. Trying to find your shut-off valve or get a plumber onsite within this time can be impossible if the correct procedures are not in place or the property is empty when the issue occurs. 

How do you protect against these types of issues? The SMART FLOW water management system was designed and built not only to protect you from damage caused by leaks, but we also monitor a customer’s water usage and costs in real time. Using sophisticated algorithms, the system sends alerts and notifications to the user in the case of excessive usage and leaks – With the added benefit of remote and automatic water shut-off. 

The system and our SMART FLOW team then works with the client to help them reduce their water costs. This provides a ROI while offering the added benefit of property protection from leaks. 

The system does not just detect leaks – It helps to identify faulty appliances such as overflowing toilets and dripping taps. These can have a massive impact on your overall water bill – Especially if you have a large premise or multiple properties. 

We are working with some clients who have over a hundred properties on their portfolio. Their water bills ranged drastically and it was very difficult for them to manage and budget for. These same businesses often managed the process through Google spreadsheets populated manually by a designated personnel. 

The SMART FLOW dashboard links all of your properties into one secure location visible from anywhere in the world via your mobile or via a desktop app,allowing you to keep track of your properties and see water-related issues as they happen. 

We are currently presenting data to customers detailing the cost of cold water usage at around €2 per 1000 liters. Hot water on the other hand, is costing them €10 per 1000 liters consumed or lost, due to energy costs associated with heating the water. 


  • Peace of mind 
  • ROI of typically 30% to 80% reduction on water bills 
  • Reduction on your CO2 and carbon footprint 
  • Potential insurance discount 
  • Professionally trained and skilled team

With many of us starting to realise water is finite and improper management is a key area which needs addressed . This can be easier said than done. To implement this, you need a product and team who can map out exactly what this looks like for your business.This will not only improve your businesses corporate social responsibility but it will help you receive the maximum ROI and guarantee your property is protected from the escape of water. 

WHY not get in touch now to see how we can help you easily manage your water and protect your business? 

SMART FLOW – Water management made easy. 

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