The benefits of real-time water management

Smart water management will be a must have for business owners. Especially for businesses that have multiple properties.

Excessive water usage and leaks have become “normal practice” for business owners, with most believing that they have little control over their water costs.

SMART FLOW is on a mission to change the way the end-user interacts with water. Along with helping to address water scarcity, we are encouraging business-owners to think about water much like they would any other utility.

Not having a real time water monitoring system makes it extremely difficult for companies to budget for their water costs.

Multiple property owners are at an even higher risk of being caught out by excessive costs. This current method of ‘wait and see’ is like playing Russian roulette with your water bills.

A simple over flowing toilet left unattended can cost a business over €5k per year. While a leak can put you out of business and out of pocket for months.

At SMART FLOW we provide your water usage to your property or properties in real-time from an App and or Dashboard.

Alerting you to any system issues such as excessive usage and leaks.While providing remote and automatic water shut off.

Once a system is installed we find your water usage base line. We then provide you with the information needed to drastically reduce this. Our case studies are showing reductions of 30% to 80%

Once we have your new water consumption baseline ,we will keep it there. You will be notified of any spikes in usage or leaks .With accurate data and instant access to your consumption and costs.

The reduction in your water bills also reduces your energy consumption and your C02 footprint.

Our aim at SMART FLOW is to give you a ROI by reducing your water footprint, while simplifying your water management.

For more information please feel free to get in contact. We would love to help you manage your water usage. Or even just share some friendly advice.

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