New tools to manage your water usage

When I was a plumber I would experience water-wastage on a grand-scale in homes and businesses while working directly with customers. 

I would be trying to advise the customers on ways to reduce their consumption and save money. It was a next to impossible task, as they were blind to the water flowing within their pipes. We would find bad habits and ignorance would eventually creep back in once we had left and completed the job. I found this very frustrating as I knew there were so many ways I could help them to conserve and save if they only had the correct tools. 

Managing your water usage as a business-owner is a major benefit for two reasons. Firstly, as responsible companies, we should strive to minimize water loss and wastage throughout our properties and production chains. Particularly looking to those business owners with footprints through areas of the world with higher risks of water scarcity. The second is the plainest reason of all – less water usage means less money spent by your business through the savings on water costs and the prevention of property damage and disruption of supply.

This is of course where SMART FLOW comes in. Put simply, we want to save our clients money by reducing their water bills and minimising the potential for unseen property damage down the line. Our smart water monitoring system will immediately notify you of issues in your pipework, even down to the smallest trickle. Now, small trickles might not seem like big impacted savings, but let’s take a look at a recent case study of ours for Starbucks Dundrum. 

After our systems established a baseline of water usage for the property of 2,000 litres per day (and allowing the operators, the EE Group, to accurately budget for their water usage for the year), problems were quickly fixed and identified when, for example, a leaking toilet caused this usage to increase to 12,000 litres per day.

Speaking on the project, Operations Manager, Szymon Malata stated:

“Armed with a base-line our finance team can budget for annual water charges with even greater accuracy and real time alerts in the event of a water usage increase ensuring we have no nasty surprises at the end of each quarter.”

We are currently entering a global water crisis which will take a massive shift in customer awareness and action worldwide to help combat the situation.

By preparing and installing one of our SMART FLOW systems, we promised to save our customers time, money (and headaches!) through our always-on protection.

SMART FLOW – Water Management Made Easy