Five smart ways to lower water costs.

Lower water costs in commercial buildings with these five smart ways. According to the CPD, in 2022, 2,718 water-related opportunities were disclosed with a combined financial value of US$436 billion. The ripple effect of water action means that acting on these opportunities is good for business and good for the planet. Water security will not be achieved without strong private sector awareness. Corporate action is critical to slowing the depletion of water resources. Corporate investment in smart water solutions plays a pivotal role in achieving water security for all.

Opportunities related to water conservation and efficiency are now common across almost every industry. This indicates that enormous potential exists across all industries to reduce water consumption, leaks, and the associated environmental impacts by improving efficiency. It is well known that the price paid for water does not yet reflect the true cost of extraction, transportation, use, and pollution. Water is often undervalued by regulatory authorities whose tariff setting and water allocation mechanisms do not incentivize efficient use or reflect existing scarcity. This in turn is reflected in the boardroom, where an assumption too often exists that there will always be sufficient freshwater to meet business needs.

Water Smart. The rise of low water impact products and services


Water leak detection in most buildings is a manual process. Leaks are discovered during regular inspections of water system infrastructure or when occupants report leaks, usually after damage has occurred. There is often a long period of time between when a leak occurs and when it is resolved. The smartest approach to lower water costs and leak detection is the one that shrinks this delay. In the case of a power cut or broadband network fault, any water management or leak detection system becomes redundant when running on Wi-Fi. To keep your system always connected and guarantee your property’s safety, SMART FLOW’s Hub connects via the best cellular network available in your area. The Hub can be installed with or without power. Monitor all your properties’ water usage and costs in real-time. Receive instant alerts from the monitoring center to any water-related issues. Even giving you the ability to shut the water off remotely.  SMART FLOW provides real water intelligence.


Like water leak detection, analyzing water use or reading water meters is a manual task that can be automated. Water bills are usually entered into spreadsheets to be compared month after month. If the water bill for a building stays about the same, then it’s assumed that there are no problems, and the bill is paid. When there is a spike in charges, the potential cause is usually investigated. But this approach practically guarantees that buildings will overpay for water. There is a delay between when the water use problem starts and when the water bill is received. With no hardware to install, The SMART FLOW water monitoring software can take the raw data from any water meter and turn it into insightful and actionable data. Once your water usage data is uploaded with the SMART FLOW software, this provides instant insights into all your water usage, CO2, and costs, while alerting you to issues in real time.

SMART FLOW AI smart water analysis establishes a water use signature for each building and if water consumption deviates, assigned users are alerted. Abnormal water use due to leaks or inefficiencies such as burst pipes or overflowing toilets can be identified automatically, leading to a reduction in water use and associated costs. The software can even detect pre-existing leaks that were assumed to be part of normal water use for years. SMART FLOW water hub and software provide greater opportunities for teams to save on water costs.


Shutting off the water at a building usually requires a maintenance team member to be onsite to physically close the valve off. In the best-case scenario, leaks that require the water to be shut off happen during regular hours when there are more staff available to respond. But leaks don’t follow a schedule. Shut Off valve; water leak protection. SMART FLOW provides remote water shut off, providing peace of mind, reducing call-out charges, and protecting your property from water damage 24/7. Smart water shut-off valves can also communicate with water leak sensors to automatically shut off water if a sensor gets wet or the flow rate goes above a certain threshold, for example, at 3 a.m. when an office building should have close to 0 gallons per minute. Remotely controlling water flow reduces the risk of water damage and is another smart way to lower water costs.

Protect Your Building Assets

SMART FLOW provides the technology and software to reduce and control your water usage while protecting your assets. Eliminate excessive water usage, human errors, appliance failure and plumbing leaks.  Reduce the time and resources needed to manually check water meter readings. Additional benefits include protecting your building from water damage and the capital expenditure associated with building maintenance. Save time reporting with real time ESG data on water usage. Simple actionable analytics to reduce your carbon footprint and achieve your sustainability goals around water and energy. SMART FLOW can supply and install smart sub-meters in any location within your asset to display your water usage, CO2 and costs in real-time.  Installations can range in size from 15 mm up to 600 mm if required.

Water Intelligence Platform

For businesses and organizations that oversee multiple buildings, establishing a benchmark of water use can be challenging. A combination of manual data entry, differing billing cycles and other obstacles make this a tough task. The best solution for tracking water usage and events is a single platform which can be shared throughout the organization. A water monitoring solution can track all water damage events, water use information, temperatures, humidity, and power loss events and allow users to turn on and off water flow. Ensure the continuity of use/access to your asset and prevent expensive downtime to minimize business interruption. A water intelligence platform can also automatically generate reports, which can  be sent to key stakeholders. It can make operations more efficient; help protect people and buildings and lead to lower water costs.

SMART FLOW is not only the world’s leading water technology company but also a mechanical company with over 20 years of expertise in water related issues. SMART FLOW blends technical knowledge and mechanical expertise with AI technology to deliver through cost savings and property protection in real time, 24/7. International Award-Winning technology now installed in 1000’s of commercial properties. Our Water Technology has saved billions of gallons of water, which equates to millions of dollars, Pounds and Euros saved for our customers. Plus, we have reduced the costs of maintenance and water heating through energy reduction. Along with water damage and leak protection estimated in the $100’s of millions in savings for our customers