Water leak detection and benefits to the business

Water leak detection and benefits to businesses

Water leak detection

Water leaks are problematic. They can indeed cause harm to your property, but they can also be very expensive, especially if not identified early. Unfortunately, most water leaks are hidden, and it’s often too late for businesses to find them; by the time they do, thousands of liters of water have been wasted, and their water bills have skyrocketed. Undetected leaks can drive up your water bill and cause  serious property damage, costing you a lot of money in the long run if not fixed. Water leaks can encourage the formation of fungus and mould, which can be harmful to a building’s occupants’ health and well-being. There is only one solution for avoiding all this impacts- early water leak detection.

You could be surprised to find that many water leaks go undiscovered because they occur in areas where they are not visible. You could end up paying hundreds of pounds each year on leaks if you don’t check your water bill on a routine basis or have an expert assess your property for water leaks. Even the smallest leaks can damage huge portions of your property and cause dozens of additional issues, which is why it’s crucial to keep an eye out for leaks in your property

Water Leak Detection 

Early water leak detection could save you money on water bills and potentially avoid water damage inside your property. It is essential to protect your property from water damage, whether you are a household, a business owner, or someone who manages property portfolios. Leaking fittings and burst water pipes are two of the most typical causes of water damage. Unfortunately, pipe damage is often not visible until it is too late.

Installing a water leak system that detects a problem before disaster strikes is crucial to avoid substantial damage caused by faulty pipes. Even the smallest leaks will be detected by water detection devices, allowing you to rapidly resolve them. 

Benefits of installing water leak detection systems

  • Various insurance companies in the United Kingdom encourage homeowners and business owners to install water leak detection devices in the same manner that they would install fire alarms.
  • If you install such a system, the cost of your insurance premiums could decrease since companies will recognize that you are doing everything possible to prevent water damage.
  • Users could avoid having their property devastated by water damage by identifying a burst pipe early. Water can quickly lead to mold and dampness, as well as the destruction of furniture and valuable items. 

Insurance companies pay out around £1.8 million per day for water damage to residential properties alone, and it could be costly for business if you’re on a water meter or need to pay a plumber to handle the issue. While you won’t be able to prevent all leaks, you can minimize the risk of substantial damage to your property or spending habits. Leaks are not quite as obvious as a steady drip, drip, drop that keeps you awake at night. In fact, until the drip becomes a flood, they’re usually far more subtle, which is why spotting them early is crucial. 

How to identify water leaks?

With early water leak detection, you can save yourself from hefty water bills and even prevent water damage inside your property. Here’s how:

  1. Analyze your water bill

If you’ve seen a substantial increase in your business’s water bill but your water usage habits haven’t changed, there’s a chance you have a water leak. To do so, acquire your previous water bills and compare them to see if there are any significant differences. Your current bill should be in the same range as previous months’ bills.

  1. Examine Various areas of your property

You can perform simple leak detection in your property by inspecting several areas such as the toilet and faucet. If water is still flowing after you turn off the faucet, you have a leaking faucet. You can simply conduct a DIY fix if you have the tools needed. 

  1. Installing a smart water meter

Installing a smart water meter can help businesses to quickly identify the leaks. The smart water meters are designed to help businesses save money on their water usage. There are lots of smart water meters out there in the market. SMART FLOW not only detects water leaks but provides real time water monitoring and alerts such as excessive usage, human error and appliance failure. SMART FLOW AI and monitoring agents actively monitor the flow  of water in real-time into any premises. Using sophisticated algorithms, SMART FLOW will notify the user once an issue is detected. This allows the company or business to easily manage and reduce their water costs.  Also allowing for remote water shut off from anywhere in the world.

How does SMART FLOW works?

SMART FLOW provides the technology and software to reduce and control all your water costs including reducing your energy cost of heating hot water. Eliminate excessive water usage, Human errors, appliance failure and plumbing leaks. Reduce the time and resources to manually check water meter readings. Additional benefits include protecting your building from water damage and capex expenditure associated with building maintenance.

SMART FLOW was designed to help businesses save on water usage.SMART FLOW’s monitoring agents with the assistance of AI software constantly monitors the flow of water within your buildings, and only alerts you to issues when needed, eliminating any false alarms. This provides you with 24/7 real time access to verified information for your portfolio’s water consumption.

Benefits of using SMART FLOW water technology

  • Instant alerts 

Utilizing Artificial intelligence along with human monitoring agents, SMART FLOW will notify the user if a leak or excessive water usage is detected.

  • No Manual checking water meter

By installing SMART FLOW, human intervention could be minimized. All the water information is accessible in real time via App/desktop.

  • Cost and time savings

90% of issues are resolved without the need for mechanical plumbing call out charges, this will indeed accumulate as a huge amount in terms of money savings and in terms of time savings.

  • Property protection

If there is a leak, SMART FLOW has the ability to shut the water off remotely when an issue is detected. If there is any variation or over usage than normal days, the AI system with the help of human monitoring agents will instantly pick up the variation and notify the end user instantly.    

  • Drive your sustainability goals

SMART FLOW drives the sustainability goals as well, because there will be energy reduction as typically 10% water saved is hot water.  This will also accumulate to a huge amount in terms of money as the energy costs in UK is rising at an at an exponential rate   

SMART FLOW gives you instant control over all your water usage/costs plus the ability to identify excess water usage, water leaks, appliance failure and human errors-24/7 real time. If you do not have a solution for all this, you should consider SMART FLOW, the real time water technology company who provides insights to real time water usage.

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