waste water on commercial premises

How to waste water in commercial premises?

If you want to see how to waste water in any commercial premises watch this waste water video. Damien, Head of operations of SMART FLOW recorded this video in a motor way service station. This over flowing tap could have been running all night costing the business £100s. One single over flowing tap left unattended will actually cost the business over £10,000 in wasted water costs. If this was a hot tap not only you paying for water you did not use but you will be also paying for the energy to heat the water you are wasting. The reality is that no business can have the manpower to constantly find water over flows, human error, appliance failures and leaks. This means every hospitality company is over paying their water bills by as much as 50% because they do not have any real time access to control their water costs( as per the waste water video).

This is why SMART FLOW is becoming the standard and default water technology solution for 100s of companies in the UK and beyond. SMART FLOW is the only water technology to give any business 24/7 real time access to all water related issues. Our technology can have a payback in weeks bringing near instant savings to reduce commercial water bills. A real life example: we reduced the water bill of hotel group from over a £100,000 to less than £69,000 in less than two months, that’s a savings of over £30,000 on the water bills and that is not factoring in reducing the energy bills due to the fact that they are not wasting hot water.

If you want a free demo with case studies . Please click here and start reducing your water costs today.

Note: Every day you do not have access to the real time usage of water in your business, you are probably paying £1000s on your water bill for water you are wasting. The hard fact is your business is wasting water. Ask yourself how would you know if there is a leak or over flowing pipe or leaking toilet on your premises? Just watch the waste water video below.

Did you know that A typical mid-sized hotel of sub 200 rooms will consume 25000 litres per day and up to 40000 litres on weekends. A large pub with a strong food offering will consume 18000 per day and up to 25000 litres on weekends. 

      “Typically in your business you are wasting a minimum of 30% of water”

What is water really costing you? 

Did you know that water usage in a pub/restaurant out of hours should be a maximum of 60 litres per hour, what is your current consumption out of hours? Anything excess of this is costing you money.

Also water usage in a hotel during off peak hours should be a maximum of 200 litres per hour, if you are using more than this you are wasting water while you are paying for it.

We know you are wasting money on water usage and water costs. SMART FLOW is saving an average size hospitality venue over £4000 per year. So ask yourself how much you could be saving across your property portfolio. 

Do you enjoy paying for an overflowing toilet? You are flushing £5000 per year for one unidentified toilet. Again ask yourself  How much could overflowing toilets, leaks, appliance failures be needlessly costing you per year?

How do you validate that the water bill you receive actually reflects the water you are consuming ?

External leaks, incorrect billing, faulty utility meters all add up, with you paying for water you do not consume ?

Would you like instant control over all your water usage/costs plus the ability to identify excess water usage, water leaks, appliance failure and human errors-24/7 real time?. If you do not have solution for all this, you should consider SMART FLOW, the real time water technology company who provides insights to real time water usage. SMART FLOW Intelligent algorithm instantly picks up the over usage and notify the users instantly and there is a remote shut off option to turn off the valve.

Real life example of water wastage! This could be happening in your premises right now.

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