Water sustainability for business-Do you have goals but no action plan ?

If I ask someone whether they would like to save money on their water bills and prevent property damage, the answer is always yes. Of course it is, because the hypothetical is always easy. But when asked if they are prepared to make the changes to make that possible, the answer is rarely so certain.

While this has certainly been what SMART FLOW has encountered in our time in the water management business, we are not unique in these findings. In their annual survey conducted last year, research organisation GreenBiz found that 74% of large corporations indicated that managing water shortages should be a priority. However in the same survey, 44% of companies admitted that they had no plan in place to manage these shortages.

Like almost everything, managing your water can take time and identifying the areas in which your business needs to improve is not so easy without the right tools and knowledge. It’s easy to understand how business owners can have a mindset that water management is something just out of reach for them. It’s easy to understand that mindset because up until recently, it was the reality. For me, it was in finding that this technology didn’t exist for water management, that our company was born.

At SMART FLOW, we have invested our own time into making these tools for businesses easy to both understand and implement. Our engineers are in and out within two hours for a typical install. Once our IoT technology is fitted to the pipework, the customer then  has instant access to real time data on their water usage through a mobile and desktop app. 

This means that our customers, who were formerly blind to their water usage, have access to some of the most important tools in water management – reliable water usage/costs metrics and a high-tech instant-alert system for leaks and excessive usage. The biggest barriers to change for businesses are cost ,time and the correct tools – we bridge that gap for our customers.

We provide the software and monitoring services for businesses with multiple properties to keep track of their water usage and costs in real time. Once we get a customer’s water usage to a new lower base line, we keep you there. We let the customer do what they do best and focus on their day-to-day, while we do what we do best. We allow the customer to budget for their water usage and easily validate their water bills. 

SMART FLOW provides the tools and service seamlessly to your business, with the system providing a visible ROI along with reducing your water and CO2 footprint. 

Contact us today to take action on your water sustainability goals. 

SMART FLOW –  Water Management Made Easy

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